MarineLink SNAME Annual Meeting 2014
  • Sailing team practice

    Sailing team practice

    Sailing team practicing at dusk with the Whitestone Bridge in the background.

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  • Compass Rose

    Compass Rose

    This beautiful inlay depicting a compass rose lies at the base of the flagpole in St. Mary's Pentagon.

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    Training Ship Empire State VI, the college's current training ship.

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  • Inner Gorge

    Inner Gorge

    This is a view of the fort's Inner Gorge looking south, with the Throggs Neck Bridge in the background.

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  • Sallyport


    This the Sallyport, the entrance to St. Mary's Pentagon.

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  • Chapel


    The college's chapel is nestled inside the fort's Inner Gorge.

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  • Morning Muster

    Morning Muster

    The Regiment of Cadets at morning muster.

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  • Luce Library

    Luce Library

    Inside of the college's beautiful library.

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  • Luce Library (2)

    Luce Library (2)

    Interior circular staircase leading to the mezanine level of the Luce Library.

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  • General Schuyler Plaque

    General Schuyler Plaque

    This plaque commemorates Major General Philip Schuyler.

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  • TSES II - USS Hydrus Under Attack

    TSES II - USS Hydrus Under Attack

    U.S.S. HYDRUS / T.S. EMPIRE STATE under Kamikaze attack at Okinawa, 1945

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  • Maritime Industry Museum

    Maritime Industry Museum

    Models of various traing ships housed in the Maritime Industry Museum located in the fort.

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  • Fort Schuyler's Outer Bastion

    Fort Schuyler's Outer Bastion

    This is the outer bastion of the fort looking south.

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DomeNet Posts Now Being Archived


For many years, people have asked if posts to the DomeNet email list could be stored somewhere so that old posts could be viewed, searched, etc.  Well, it took quite a while but this is now being done.

I was unable to go back and archive historical posts but at least starting sometime in November 2013 posts have been captured and archived on this site.

To access the DomeNet archive, click the Network option in the horizontal menu at the top of any page. Then click the DomeNet Group option in the sub-menu.  Finally, click the DomeNet Archive link at t...

Photo Albums Posted

A bunch of photo albums have been posted on the site for things like each Training Ship, The Fort, The Regiment, The Campus, and a few others.  The photographs came primarily from people on DomeNet and from some Google searches I did.  Many thanks to those who sent pictures and I apologize that I was not able to credit all of you.  You may comment on individual pictures and 'Like' them.


You can access Photo Albums from the Networking menu or from your personal home page after logging in.  Links to featured Photo Albums are also available on the rig...