MarineLink SNAME Annual Meeting 2014

Cadet Recruiting

Attention All Hands!

Maritime College's Number 1 source of inquiries

is from college fairs

We need your assistance now!

Everyone always asks, "How can I help out with recruiting?". This is it - plain and simple. We need your assistance covering upcoming College Fairs.

Step up and be counted! Actions, not words, help promote Maritime!

Contact the Admissions department for materials and guidance.
(718) 409 - 7222.

One Hand!

Thank you in advance for your consideration and help.

Dear Maritime College Alumni:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for the contributions you have made this year in growing the College. Whether you have provided referrals, joined in college fairs, open house events or high school visits, I want you to know I greatly appreciate your time and effort.

The upcoming months are critical to the long-term health of Maritime College. In the face of New York's fiscal urgency, we have garnered remarkable support for continuing to press our growth goals. We cannot afford to lose the momentum you have helped build. I call on you to continue building relationships with our prospective high school seniors and juniors leaving no doubt in all minds that we are the best college choice for a lifetime of opportunities.

As you might be aware, the College's number one source of inquiries comes from college fairs. At the top of this page there is a link to a list of some of the spring fairs in which the college will be participating. There are several more fairs than we have college staff to cover. I ask for your assistance representing Maritime at these important recruitment events.

The spring college fair schedule indicates which fairs are covered by College staff as well as where we will need assistance. Please contact the Admissions Office Manager, to participate in this initiative @ 718-409-7221.

In addition, please continue to refer high school seniors to the Office of Admissions. Your efforts will be rewarded in gaining a talented, motivated, and diverse community of students who will follow in your footsteps. I am grateful.

With thanks and best wishes,

Vice Admiral John Ryan, USN (Ret.)